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Myths about alcohol that everyone continues to believe

Alcohol is harmful, everyone knows about it. But the reality is that alcoholic beverages for many are an integral part of all holidays. At the same time, few people have an idea about the properties of alcoholic beverages; misconceptions on this topic are widespread among the people. Despite the scientific refutation, several generations of our compatriots believe in these myths about alcohol, and from this the use of intoxicating drinks causes even greater harm to health. Study this information and you will learn to drink alcohol wisely.

Sincerely believing in these misconceptions makes drinking alcohol even more harmful.

Alcohol warms

They say that alcohol warms, fans of winter hunting and fishing firmly believe in this myth. After drinking alcohol, peripheral blood vessels expand, more blood flows to the skin, and a feeling of warmth is created. But at the same time, the heat transfer becomes higher, the body loses a lot of energy, and the risk of hypothermia becomes higher. Using this method to keep warm, they achieve the opposite effect. If alcohol is used as a warming agent, then it is exclusively for rubbing the limbs or for quickly relieving chills after moving to a warm room.

The strength can be increased

Supporters of this statement believe that different alcoholic beverages can be drunk only as the strength increases. For example, drink vodka after wine or beer, but not vice versa. It is curious that in some European countries people believe the opposite statements. In fact, it doesn’t matter in what order the alcoholic beverages are consumed, science insists that mixing alcoholic beverages from different raw materials is unacceptable, it is harmful to the liver and brain.

Snack reduces the degree

This legend has given rise to many sayings, people believe that they will not get drunk or get drunk from a plentiful snack, but not as much as they could. Science explains – it’s all about the rate of absorption of alcohol. If you drink on an empty stomach, the absorption rate will be about 25 ml per minute, which is very fast. If an adult drinks 350 ml of vodka on an empty stomach, he will lose consciousness. Eating a snack slows down the absorption rate, but food is not able to break down alcohol, that is, the amount of absorbed alcohol will remain unchanged, the total degree will not go anywhere. If the use of alcohol is combined with an overly dense meal, then the intoxication of the body will be stronger, the chances of getting a severe hangover in the morning will be higher.

In order not to get so intoxicated, you do not need to eat more, you need to drink less.

Noble drinks are not as harmful as vodka

Balms, cognac, brandy, tequila, liqueurs, and others are considered under noble drinks. They say that they are not as harmful as vodka, some of them are even credited with useful properties. All of these drinks are made from mash based on berries, fruits or grains through distillation, their effect on the body is identical to moonshine. Science has proven that it is easiest for the liver to neutralize toxicosis after consuming alcoholic beverages, which are close in composition to diluted ethyl alcohol, that is, to vodka.

Beer is a light and harmless drink

There is an opinion that beer contains so little alcohol that it can not be classified as alcoholic beverages. At the same time, everyone forgets that beer is drunk in bottles, not in glasses. A liter of beer will contain the same amount of alcohol as in 50-100 grams of vodka, while its absorption rate will be much higher due to its carbonated content. When compared in terms of toxicity, 50-100 grams of vodka when consumed once a week is less harmful than drinking beer daily.

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