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Longevity Secrets: Extend Your Life by Several Years

The geneticist has come up with some of the simplest ways for us to help us extend and improve our lives. If you want to live long, read and act.

We all want to extend our lives. But no less we want to make it of high quality: to deny ourselves everything less, enjoy differently, often harmful to the body products, sometimes deny ourselves a dream, and so on.

It is worth starting with the fact that 25-30% of life expectancy is provided genetically. The rest is up to you! Eating right, quitting bad habits, exercising, and being physically active are essential factors to help you live longer. Doctors say that we often lack information that will help us prolong and improve our lives. It turns out that this information is publicly available, and the advice is very simple.

Extend your life in the available ways that the geneticist told us about process of our life.

Eat Protein-rich food every day

Protein-rich oatmeal breakfast for longevity

Scientists have established the fact that life span correlates with the rate of protein synthesis in the body. This relationship is inverse, that is, the lower the synthesis rate, the longer the duration. At the level of genes, they cannot slow down protein synthesis yet, but this can be done independently. Iron helps to slow down the production of proteins in the body. That is, in order to prolong life, you must always maintain normal iron levels. You can eat a plate of oatmeal for breakfast every day because it contains enough iron to keep protein synthesis level normal with such quantities. You can eat other iron-containing foods of your choice.

Brain training

It is necessary to keep in good shape not only our muscles, but also the neurons of the brain, because with age, brain cells die, and, consequently, memory deteriorates, attention decreases and all perception processes are inhibited. To avoid this, well, or significantly delay the process, exercise for the brain will help. Solve simple logic puzzles, solve crosswords, try to memorize more information than you need, learn foreign languages. In general, keep your brain busy.

Consume women’s products

Pomegranate to improves longevity

“Women’s products” such as soybeans, rice, carrots, pomegranates will help you prolong your life. This is due to the content of the female hormone – estrogen. In the human body, hyaluronic acid is produced under the action of estrogen. This is not an acid that is pricked for cosmetic purposes – the two substances differ in molecular length. Naturally produced in the body, hyaluronic acid will help maintain youth and prolong life.

Keep your body cool

Walking in the garden improves longevity

The fact is that we always try to be in a warm place – we heat the air in our apartments, take a hot bath after a walk in the cold, and heat does not add youth to us. But the coolness does it. Geneticists believe that the most comfortable temperature for humans is 17 – 18 degrees Celsius. If you cannot maintain this temperature in the room during the day, then observe this temperature regime at night. Sleep with open windows and it will add several years of your life.

Sport – is life

Old Couples doing warmup exercise for longevity improvement

Doctors are well aware that all people have different levels of physical activity, so the main advice is to devote at least 7 minutes to sports activity every day. It can be simple charging, but it should be necessary. This is the time during which you will not get tired, but will have time to do a number of exercises that will tone the body on the eve of a new day. Geneticists have calculated that such a regime can lengthen life up to 20 years.

Find your match

Happy Old Couples at Beach

It is estimated that single people have a 20% shorter life expectancy than married people. After retirement, lonely people, as a rule, lose the incentive to continue their life, and its meaning is lost. In addition, there are relatives in the family who will support in a difficult moment, help to survive the troubles, and sometimes create problems that also need to be solved with active actions. Therefore, be happy in your family and live a long life.

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