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Early Sign of Cancer Symptoms in Womens

Early signs of cancer are often disguised as symptoms of other diseases and are often overlooked. Meanwhile, the success of treatment and the chances of remission depends on how early the disease was detected. Pay attention to these early signs of cancer, which are most often missed by women – and see your doctor immediately if you notice any of them in yourself or loved ones.

Postmenopausal bleeding

A few dark spots on your laundry that appeared once, in principle, can be ignored. But if the bleeding is more or less profuse for a long time, and even more so if this is not an isolated case, immediately consult a doctor. Postmenopausal bleeding is one of the early symptoms of uterine or ovarian cancer and should not be ignored.

Wounds in the oral cavity

Non-healing sores, white or red spots on the gums and tongue, painful gums, swelling or numbness of the jaw are all reasons to see a doctor as soon as possible. The fact is that early signs of cancer of the larynx and oral cavity are manifested in this way – and it is important to establish a diagnosis and begin treatment as soon as possible.


On certain days of the cycle, almost every woman encounters “bloating” of the abdomen. But if this inconvenience does not go away after the end of menstruation, and if at the same time it is accompanied by regular constipation, this may be a manifestation of ovarian cancer. Another symptom that is important not to ignore is the loss of appetite or unusually fast satiety.

Violation of the regularity of menstruation

Cycle irregularities, too scanty or, on the contrary, unusual heavy periods, pain in the pelvic area – these unpleasant symptoms can warn of cancer of the uterus, ovary or other organs of the reproductive system.

Persistent cough

A cough that doesn’t go away within three weeks and is not accompanied by the symptoms of acute respiratory viral infections – such as a runny nose or sore throat – is a reason to do fluorography as soon as possible and see a doctor. In addition to lung cancer, a severe cough can be a sign of developing leukemia – see your doctor!

Abdominal pain and nausea

Upset stomach or food poisoning is a common and frequent ailment that we most often attribute to any normal abdomen discomfort. But if the spasms and pains become constant and there is no relief, and the feeling of nausea is your constant companion, be sure to consult a doctor. It can be a symptom of leukemia or cancer of the esophagus, liver, pancreas, or colorectal cancer.

Frequent “colds”

If you feel more or less normal, but you catch any virus or often have a fever, do not postpone your visit to the doctor. Frequent “colds” and fever are one of the first symptoms of leukemia.

Difficulty swallowing

Are you familiar with the feeling of a lump in your throat that you can’t swallow? If it persists for several days, see your doctor immediately: difficulty swallowing is a sign of several forms of cancer at once, for example, throat, stomach and even lung cancer.

Also, some thyroid disorders can cause the sensation of a “lump in the throat”.

Unexplained bruising

A single bruise for which you cannot find an explanation is most likely not a cause for concern. But if mysterious bruising frequently occurs, be sure to see a doctor, especially if dark spots appear on your hands or fingers. This may be a manifestation of incipient leukemia .

Weight loss

Unfortunately, sudden and unexplained weight loss in our society is more often than not a cause for joy. Meanwhile, any unmotivated weight loss is a sign of a malfunction in our body, which is worth discussing with your doctor. Unfortunately, weight loss is an early symptom of many forms of cancer, such as the esophagus, liver, pancreas, and leukemia and lymphoma.

Chronic fatigue

We all joke from time to time that adulthood is a feeling of constant fatigue, but if this joke becomes too much truth for you, be sure to see a doctor. Most likely, this has nothing to do with cancer – but it is important to remember that chronic fatigue is a symptom, including leukemia.

Persistent headaches

If you have never had migraines before and now regularly suffer from headaches, see your doctor. Unfortunately, frequent headaches can warn of developing brain cancer or leukemia. And remember that a headache cannot be tolerated or “suppressed” by painkillers!

Blood in the stool

Most often, this trouble is caused by relatively harmless diseases – for example, hemorrhoids or cracks. But you should still see a doctor – especially if you are over 50 – to rule out colon cancer.

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