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5 Habits that Weakens our Immunity

Unfortunately, a magic pill to increase immunity has not yet been invented. But on the other hand, you can give up bad habits and thereby strengthen your defense!

Immunity is our body’s ability to resist diseases, including coronavirus, which largely depends on our lifestyle. And much more effective than the various immunostimulants (drugs and nutrients to stimulate the immune system) will be giving up some of the habits due to which, day after day, it gradually destroys our body’s natural defenses.

Don’t get enough sleep

During a night’s rest, our body and brain are not only refreshed: during sleep, the immune system “overwrites”, adding to the list of dangers new bacteria and viruses that it encountered during the day. But if you don’t get enough sleep from night to night, this mechanism cannot work effectively – and as a result, your defense becomes worse. As demonstrated by a study published in the European physiological journal Pflugers Archiv, it takes only six nights not to get enough sleep to undermine immunity. After this period, the body will respond worse to vaccinations, and ARVI or influenza will be more severe and take longer to recover.

Lead a sedentary lifestyle

Can’t get rid of your cough? Check how active you are: A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found volunteers who exercised once a week or did not exercise took 42% longer time to recover. In addition, the symptoms were more severe. Even a small, but daily sports activity (for example, walking) will already make your immunity stronger.

Getting too carried away with fatty foods

More specifically, foods high in saturated fat. They provoke the development of inflammatory processes in the body, overloading the immune system and ultimately weakening it. Make sure you have enough unsaturated fats in your diet: vegetable oils, fish oil, nuts. These foods help our bodies fight inflammation and even recognize pathogens.

Take antibiotics often

Antibiotics are a great thing, but it’s better to treat them as a last resort and only uncover them if all other methods have already been tried. The fact is that antibiotics not only help us fight infections, but can also reduce the number of disease-fighting white blood cells. This was confirmed by a study in mice, the results of which were published in the American Journal of Human Genetics. And every time you take antibiotics, you weaken your immune system. Remember this!

Drink a lot

Alcohol suppresses the immune system, and consuming it regularly can reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells in fighting harmful bacteria and reduce the body’s ability to produce protective cells that identify and kill bacteria and viruses. Remember, your natural defenses are reduced for a full day after drinking!

It is time now to improve the lifestyle and leave all the above habits that weaken our body defense system.

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