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10 Solutions Parents and Children Adopted to Overcome Their Daily Deadlocks

On the street or at home, parents and children are creative to overcome their problems ranging from breastfeeding to grocery shopping.

When parents and children are alone at home or on the street, the creativity to overcome everyday obstacles is virtually guaranteed – no matter if it’s creating a new hairstyle or a way to carry the baby around.

Parents and children are always together when it comes to overcoming everyday setbacks, whether at home or on the street. And that’s exactly what these pairs of fathers and sons (and daughters too) prove , and their posts on social networks, brought together by the GoSocial website, prove.

1. Shopping assistant

parent baby in cart

You need to go to the supermarket, but you don’t have to take care of your baby? Just take it along with you, and put it in the shopping cart, as did this dad.

2. Mechanic’s helper

Mechanic with Baby

Tired of worrying about his son’s antics while fixing family cars, this father decided it was time for the boy to learn a little about the mechanic’s life.

3. Little horse on wheels

Baby on Trolly Bag

Does your child like to ride a horse but are you tired after a long trip? This dad decided that the experience would be as fun as if the little boy would sit on the suitcase handle

4. String Rapunzel

String Rapunzel

This father didn’t know how to braid his daughter’s hair, so he decided a rope would be as good as.

5. Cradle cage

Cradle Cage

Those who suffer from their crib at night will love the solution of this father, who turned the furniture upside down to prevent his triplets from escaping.

6. Browsing the bathtub

Baby in Bath Tub

Preventing your baby from floating in the tub has never been easier: just do like this parent, and use a laundry basket to keep your child in one place while bathing.

7. Licking Proof Ice Cream

Licking Proof Icecream

Tired of wiping your kid’s luscious fingers every time he eats an ice cream, popsicle and other similar sweets? This father found a solution. Just put a plastic cup lid on the stick and voilĂ : your child’s fingers will never get dirty again.

8. Baby bottle on demand

Baby bottle on demand

So as not to have to stop chores or work to take care of her daughter, this father decided to create an ingenious duct tape mechanism for when the baby was hungry – practically a bottle on demand.

9. Cardboard changing room

Cardboard Changing

Lacking a diaper to change his little one, this father had to improvise with a cardboard box and made a joke on Instagram: “Men also need a diaper. Still, me and the big boy will always prevail”

10. Retaining wall for babies

Wall for Baby
So you don’t have to rush back and forth after your son in the waiting room, you can put him in the middle of a table like this – the perfect retaining wall for children

These are the most ingenious inventions that parents and children have used to make everyday life easier, and you can also adopt them in your daily life.

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