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What do you do when your dog is scared of people

Many pets have socialization problems. This Fear of people that some dogs present may be caused by some traumatizing experience, genetics or lack of socialization at the appropriate age ( from 50 days to 85 days of life) – phase in which the dog does not have all the vaccines and, therefore most owners do not leave their pets to interact with family and other people and thus harming their socialization.

How do I make my pet lose fear of people?

The first step is to be aware that perhaps your furry takes a long time to lose fear of people and may require a lot of training and patience. Try to identify the cause: is the dog afraid of everyone or a particular person? Is he afraid of everyone or only when they take action or make a sudden move? From this diagnosis, it will be possible to apply the appropriate training.

In some situations, the dog acts “reactively” simply because he thinks he is the leader of the house and needs to control incoming visitors. In this case, boundary exercises can improve this behavior by practicing obedience commands such as: waiting for the dog to walk out the door, sitting down to receive something, throwing something on the floor and preventing it from picking up, among other commands (if possible). , hire a qualified professional to instruct you).

How to train your dog to overcome the fear of people

It is important to start training that allows your furry to associate people with positive things. You can do this by tossing him some appetizing snack or food whenever the visitor is present, but without looking and calling. Just watch if the pet approaches, even after a while, to pick up the snack. Praise a lot every time he shows interest in approaching.

Your dog’s appetite will make all the difference, so it is very important to control food and use more enjoyable rewards only at training times. Never force your dog’s interaction with the visitor: let him take the initiative to approach you to gradually pick up the reward.

Repeat the process, preferably every day and with different people (friends and family) so that the animal loses the fear of people gradually approaching.

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