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Main differences between French Bulldog and Boston Terrier

Breeds that have similar characteristics are increasingly present in homes. Large erect ears, flattened muzzle, rounded and prominent eyes are some of the similarities between the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier breeds. In addition to appearance, the history of dogs intersect: both have the English Bulldog as an ancestor and are increasingly present in homes.

Even with its popularity, many people are still confused when it comes to identifying if a dog is of the French Bulldog or Boston Terrier breed. Know the main differences between these dogs.

French bulldog

From small to medium size the French Bulldog is a stocky and muscular dog. It has a broad and slightly square head. What draws the most attention in appearance are the large, erect, hard, rounded ears at the tip. In addition to the flattened muzzle, the specimens have folds and wrinkles on the face.

Regarding temperament, this dog has a lot of energy to play indoors, but does not accompany the owner in a run on the street, for example. Although they are affectionate, they often exhibit dominance behavior and this can be a problem in living indoors.

Boston terrier

In turn, the Boston Terrier has medium size, longer and lean legs. The body is thinner and less muscular than that of the French Bulldog. The head has a more rounded shape and the face has no wrinkles or folds. The ears are large and erect, have a pointed end and are relatively soft.

This dog is known to be a calm and obedient dog, very affectionate and loving and is always wanting to please his family – which makes him an easy-to-train pet. Hardly a copy will be seen attacking a person or other animal. They usually have a lot of energy for play, but they are not lovers of exercise.

Thus, the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier breeds may look similar, but have many different physical and behavioral characteristics.

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