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Simple daily exercises routines that burn calories best and naturally

Sooner or later, cardio training loses its effectiveness as the body begins to get used to it. Here are some examples of the best workouts for burning calories and losing weight.

Cardio workouts make your body fit, and when combined with your diet, they can help you shed a few extra pounds. But the time comes when the addictive effect comes, and the usual loads no longer bring such a result. The way out of the situation is to alternate loads. A variety of workouts will allow you not only to burn a lot of calories but also to enjoy each activity.

Workout with a kettlebell

It is advisable to use kettlebell exercises when there is no time for a full run. Classic exercises with a kettlebell are squats, push-ups and presses, for a start you should take a not very heavy kettlebell and gradually increase the weight of the projectile. You should work with strength equipment very carefully, with the wrong technique, there is a high risk of injuring your shoulders or back, so it will be better to use the services of a trainer at first.

A 20-minute kettlebell workout burns up to 400 calories and is the most effective way to strength training as you have to move in different directions. After a few weeks, you will notice that not only have you lost those extra pounds, but have become much stronger. Kettlebell exercises are appropriate for any training plan, they target different muscle groups and increase the effectiveness of the session.

Jumping rope

When combined with proper nutrition, jumping rope will work wonders for those who need to lose weight. A jump rope is not a kettlebell, it costs much less and practically does not take up space, you can take it with you wherever you have to go. Exercises with a skipping rope develop coordination of movements, it is impossible to forget how to jump rope.

How quickly calories will be burned depends on the intensity of the jumps, as well as on weight, the more weight, the more energy is required. An hour of jumping rope at a fast pace takes away from 700 to 1000 calories, over time you will be able to jump faster and longer. The rope develops endurance and puts less pressure on the joints than they get when running.


Those who want to lose weight go for jogging, and this is the right decision, a minute of running takes an average of 8.5 calories. But when a person runs for a long time, the training effect disappears, the body gets used to the loads and no longer perceives them as a stress factor. In order to continue losing weight, you need to make your runs more intense.

The most effective way to burn calories while running is interval jogging, which is an increase in speed, during which the body requires a lot of oxygen and burns more calories.

The combination of long, medium and short intervals in one workout will make it more productive and interesting.

Running on rough terrain also helps, when you climb a mountain, your body burns 50% more calories than walking on a straight surface. A combination of cardio and strength training shows good results, they burn calories and develop endurance. You should not do long runs more often than once a week, it will be more useful to work on your speed.

Crawl swimming

Swimming differs from other sports in its safety, it does not put undue stress on the joints and back, and also helps with stress, since the process of swimming itself is very pleasant. The fastest swimming style is the crawl, which makes your back strong and also has a positive effect on your abs, shoulders and glutes. With the right technique and high speed, crawl swimming burns more calories than running workouts.


A bicycle is not only a means of transportation but also a good way to fight excess weight. Cycling is less dangerous for joints than running, you can start with three to four sessions a week with a run of several kilometers, then the load can be gradually increased. Efficiency in burning calories will only be achieved if you drive it fast enough, it is best to drive over rough terrain, that is, climb hills and hills.


Dance workout will not burn as many calories as cardio and strength training, but they can add a pleasant variety to the process of losing weight. High-paced half-hour movements can burn more than 200 calories, while dancing benefits the cardiovascular system, increases muscle strength, develops coordination of movements and brings self-confidence. It is better to start your path in the world of dancing with simple workouts for balance and flexibility of the body, then you can complicate the technique and start a specialized program for burning weight, for example, dance aerobics.

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