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7 Common Bodybuilding Mistakes That Impair Muscle Gain

Is it better to work out on a full or empty stomach? Is changing training always good or bad? Do the series until pain is necessary? Find out and don’t miss anymore

Have you decided that you are going to set sedentary lifestyle aside and lead a fitness life? This is great, but care must be taken when performing the workouts. When you start weight training, it is common to make a lot of mistakes, either because you do not have the correct orientation or want instant results.

The fight against the balance is tough, so it takes calmness and focus to get good results and to conquer the physique you so dream about. To help prevent problems in trying to be fitness, fitness coach Fabio Aquino lists the seven most common bodybuilding mistakes that can hinder mass gain.

1. Do more sequences to gain more muscle

No use wants to compensate for everything that didn’t work out at once. The expert explains that doing too much exercise can cause overdose training, causing exhaustion and a reverse effect, ie, you lose muscle mass.

When you are training, the body releases testosterone, insulin and growth hormone. This is what stimulates muscle growth, but the body also releases cortisol, a hormone can disrupt the body’s ability to use protein properly, and it disrupts muscle growth.

2. Finding that muscle only grows when it feels “burning”

Man Muscle Burning

Another serious mistake is finding that to get muscle hypertrophy you need to do repetitions until you feel pain. According to the fitness coach, the pain is caused by the release of lactic acid, which triggers the hormones that stimulate growth.

The problem is that when this hormone is released excessively it also has the opposite effect and is dangerous because in addition to stopping growth, it causes muscle breakdown. So take it easy!

3. Wasting Time on Wrong Exercises

Wasting time in wrong exercise

Some also believe that continually changing training sequences leads to hypertrophy. However, it is precisely repetition that makes the force and increase significantly. That way you can gain muscle faster. Talk to the physical educator. He will know the proper frequency to change training to get results and not let the body get used to it.

4. Lifting weight without respecting body limits

Man exercise heavy weight lifting

You have to respect your own limit. Lifting too much weight can be very harmful and cause injury . For each type of exercise a weight limit is indicated, so you have to follow this strictly so as not to get all broken the next day.

5. Exercise on an empty stomach

No going to work out on an empty stomach. The expert assures that it is not true that those who exercise on an empty stomach burn more fat. On the contrary, you may run out of energy faster and not be able to perform the series as effectively. So have a pre-workout snack for more energy.

6. Drink little water

Tired Gym Man Drinking Water

During training it is very important to drink water . Fábio explains that water influences practically all chemical reactions. Therefore, it is necessary to drink this fluid all day to recover from training properly.

7. Expect Immediate Results

You don’t start weight training one day and your body is healed the next. Actual results come with time, so you have to do everything right and understand that you have to take it one step at a time.

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