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5 Best attractions to enjoy Christmas in Curitiba

Curitiba already has a great reputation when it comes to Christmas. Known for the varied events and beautiful decoration, this year the city is full of options to enter the Christmas spirit.

Curitibano has more than 130 attractions for Christmas celebration and many of them are free. Here we collected 5 Best Place to enjoy Christmas in Curitiba.

1. Coral of the Avenida Palace – Bradesco

The traditional choir that plays in the windows of this year’s Avenida Palace is already happening! He started performing on December 6th and continues singing on the 20th, 21st and 22nd, always at 8:30 pm.

Within the event, you have seating, toilet, water and soda. To enter, the value is $ 35 at half price and $ 70 at full. Only 10 people who have not made a seat reservation and the event will be allowed. But for those who don’t want to spend, you can see the whole attraction through Ed. Tijucas, from the cabin.

As usual, the 100 children who are going to sing are from 7 to 14 years old and are from Curitiba’s municipal schools and host institutions. The duration of the show is 45 minutes and this year’s theme is “The Colors of Christmas”. New is interactivity with the public through a mobile app.

2. Christmas Special Fair at Osório Square

Typical crafts, ornaments and food: the Osorio Fair is back, completely in Christmas mood! Super traditional, this fair has 61 stalls with cribs, toys, Santa Clauses, bags and decorative items.

Not only shopping is made the Special Fair of Osorio . In the square, was also installed the Santa Claus House, where the children can talk with the old man and take pictures. Another plus point is that Christmas recipes like panettone, chocotone and chocolates are also on the gastronomic craft stalls.

Several regions of Brazil and the world are well represented at the fair: acarajés, codfish balls, pierogi, Chilean empanadas and pulpets are some of the dishes that will give a greater taste to the environment. The fair is already open and remains until December 23rd.

3. Santa’s House in São José dos Pinhais

For those who haven’t met Santa, this is the perfect time. The Santa Claus House in São José dos Pinhais, Curitiba’s metropolitan region, is an old attraction, counting more than 20 years, but this year will have several new features. One of the highlights goes to the decoration, where more than one hundred thousand lamps were used, including a fully illuminated tunnel to welcome visitors.

Other local attractions include theatrical and dance performances, as well as Christmas choirs and many food and drink options in the food court with the food trucks. The place also has a craft fair and, to the delight of the little ones, artificial snow. Also noteworthy are the locomotive train and the puppet theater, as well as the musicals and the performance of the municipality’s string orchestra.

All of this occurs from Monday to Sunday, from 18h to 22h, and you can access the full schedule on the site of the city of São José dos Pinhais.

The attraction was opened on November 26 and stays until December 23, with a ticket of $ 8.00 in full, but children and seniors do not pay.

4. Christmas in Durigan Wines

This is a great choice for wine and cheese lovers. The Durigan Wine House has been around since 1873 and is part of the Santa Felicidade region’s tourist itinerary. This area corresponded to an old colony composed mainly of Italians and the immigrants own the business. At this time, it has a special Christmas decoration.

Rustic and welcoming, the house has several sculptures, one of them representing Bacchus (or Dionysus), god of wine and pleasure. In addition to wines, preservative-free grape juices and sugar are also offered, including those that do not drink alcohol in the program. The sale of pasta, sauces, olive oils, pates, and jellies also happens in the environment, so if you plan on having an Italian dinner, you can take the ingredients now.

5. Christmas Market Hall

Thinking of the whole family, the Curitiba Municipal Market organized cultural activities for the Christmas season: choral and folklore performances are included, as well as the presence of Santa Claus, who can cater for all children.

Other than that, thematic workshops for children and gastronomic for adults encompass the tour, teaching typical Christmas dishes and ensuring that the supper is impeccable. Children’s workshops include Christmas ornaments and little letters for Noel. The Treasure Hunt also integrates one of the special children’s events.

The Market will remain open until later before the celebrations, from 8h to 19h from 19/12. On 22 and 23/12, will be reduced two hours from normal hours (8h to 18h), being open only until 16h.

On December 15 and 22, there is the Christmas Joy Saturday, which takes place in the Organic Sector square. As usual, products such as nuts, chestnuts, fish, cheese, salami, meat, wine and sparkling wine can be found to add to the celebrations as well as decorated gift baskets.

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